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More Than One Way to Save for a Reno ...

You have probably heard of the old saying “there is more than one way to skin a cat”.  This phrase is appropriate for many different things.  Simply put, there is more than one way to achieve your goal.  This can also apply to home buyers.  That is because there is more than one way to […]

What a First Time Reno Home Buyer Nee...

All across the country, including right here in our Reno community, we are seeing more and more Millennials entering the home buying market.  Rents are beginning to creep up.  When you couple that with 30 year FRM rates hovering just below 4%, it makes sense to look at purchasing property rather than renting.  Buying a Reno home can […]

Tesla is Looking for Interns in Reno

By now, you have probably heard about the huge Tesla gigafactory that is currently under construction.  This five million square foot factory is expected to bring thousands of jobs to the Reno community.  Tesla is always on the lookout for talented individuals in the mechanical engineering, chemical engineering and computer science fields.  To help find the […]

Demand for Reno Housing on the Rise

We’ve been talking an awful lot lately about how busy the Reno business environment is lately.  Construction on the Tesla Gigafactory is underway.  Several other new high tech companies have either committed to coming to our Reno community or are already doing business here.  With new businesses comes the need for homes for workers.  That […]

Technical Workers Needed for Reno Job...

EDAWN, the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada, was able to assist in the expansion or addition of 34 companies into our state last year.  They brought almost 4200 new jobs into the area with them.  This helped reduce our unemployment rate from 14% back in 2010 to 6.9% at the end of 2014.  Technical workers […]

Reno is On the Move

Our Reno community has seen a lot of positive changes in the last few months.  The momentum that ended the year has continued on through into 2015.  Reno is on the move! First, low taxes and incentives brought big name companies like Apple, Amazon and Zulily to our Reno community.  Then, giant electric car manufacturer […]

High Tech Security Company Calls Reno...

A few months ago, we spoke about how Reno is set to become the next Silicon Valley.  Big name companies like Apple, Amazon and Zulily have already set up shop in our little Reno community.  Construction on the huge Tesla Gigafactory is already underway.  Just last month, Ghost Systems, a brand new high tech security company, calls […]

Reno Veterans Guest House

Members of the military are usually on very fixed incomes and working with a tight budget.  When they are in need of medical services but come from out of the area, where do they stay?  Where do their families…their support system…stay?  The Reno Veterans Guest House, that’s where! The Reno Veterans Guest House is operated […]

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