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Nevada Cracks the Whip on Short Sale ...

Last year, the Reno Gazette-Journal reported on abuses that were suffered by many Northern Nevada homeowners who got caught up in short sale flipping schemes.  The investigation revealed that several agencies took advantage of legal loopholes to increase their earnings by as much as double, triple and, in some extreme cases, quadruple what they would have.  Recently, […]

Home Buying: The Waiting Game

Buying a home can sometimes feel stressful.  There seems to be a lot of “hurry up and wait” going on.  You put in an offer.  You wait for the offer to be accepted or countered.  Paperwork is signed.  Then, you wait for the home inspection results, the appraisal to come in, the loan to be approved […]

Cascade Designs to Set Up Shop in Ren...

First there was Apple, Amazon and Zulily.  Then, Tesla called Reno home.  High tech security company Ghost Systems moved their main headquarters into the Reno area.  Both high tech and manufacturing companies have seen what our Reno community has to offer and are moving operations here.  The latest announcement of a move to our area […]

Reno Earth Day 2015

The very first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22nd, 1970.  It was created by Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson as a means of promoting environmental responsibility.  It made its way around the world and into our Reno community over the years.  Since the official Earth Day is on Wednesday, we will be celebrating Reno Earth […]

1st Quarter 2015 Reno Home Sales

Total sales of existing homes in Washoe County were down 13% from the previous quarter.  However, they were up 5% from the 1st quarter of 2014.  The beginning of the calendar year does tend to be lower in sales for the Reno community than the end of the previous year due to the holidays and […]

Spring Clean Your Reno Home

Spring is in the air.  Old Man Winter has gone into hibernation for now.  Traditionally, as the weather heats up, so does the Reno real estate market.  That is why it is time to spring clean your Reno Home right now. Let’s start with the outside of your Reno home first.  Curb appeal is important.  This […]

February 2015 Reno Market Update

In the past, home owners typically stayed in their homes between six to seven years before selling and moving on, including those owners in the Reno community.  According to the National Association of REALTORS®, this trend has changed.  The amount of time a home owner was in their property before selling it in 2014 increased […]

Sparks Homes Are Popular With Millenn...

It appears that Millennials, those individuals born between 1978 and 1995, have been flexing their muscle in the real estate market recently.  This is especially true in the Reno-Sparks market.  In fact, Sparks homes are popular with Millennials because they can get more bang for their buck. The median sales price for a Reno home last month […]

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