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Sparks Homes Are Popular With Millenn...

It appears that Millennials, those individuals born between 1978 and 1995, have been flexing their muscle in the real estate market recently.  This is especially true in the Reno-Sparks market.  In fact, Sparks homes are popular with Millennials because they can get more bang for their buck. The median sales price for a Reno home last month […]

Reno Makes Livability’s 2015 To...

Livability gathers information on a community’s educational system, amenities available to the residents, transportation system, economical factors and much more to create its Top 100 Places to Live list each year.  After all their number crunching and research, it turns out that Reno makes Livability’s 2015 Top 100 Places to Live list.  In fact, Reno […]

Nutrient Foods Brings Jobs to Reno

First, there was the Apple data center.  Then, there was the Tesla gigafactory.  Now, Nutrient Foods brings jobs to Reno.  The future of our Reno community has never looked brighter! Last week, Nutrient Foods announced that they would be opening a facility right here in Reno.  With this new facility comes 300 new jobs.  They […]

Reno Real Estate Market Update for Ja...

The Reno real estate market has taken a beating over the past few years.  However, thanks to the improving job market in the Reno community and the positive buzz that some big companies have generated by moving to our area, consumer confidence is higher than it has been in a while.  Here is a quick […]

More Than One Way to Save for a Reno ...

You have probably heard of the old saying “there is more than one way to skin a cat”.  This phrase is appropriate for many different things.  Simply put, there is more than one way to achieve your goal.  This can also apply to home buyers.  That is because there is more than one way to […]

What a First Time Reno Home Buyer Nee...

All across the country, including right here in our Reno community, we are seeing more and more Millennials entering the home buying market.  Rents are beginning to creep up.  When you couple that with 30 year FRM rates hovering just below 4%, it makes sense to look at purchasing property rather than renting.  Buying a Reno home can […]

Tesla is Looking for Interns in Reno

By now, you have probably heard about the huge Tesla gigafactory that is currently under construction.  This five million square foot factory is expected to bring thousands of jobs to the Reno community.  Tesla is always on the lookout for talented individuals in the mechanical engineering, chemical engineering and computer science fields.  To help find the […]

Demand for Reno Housing on the Rise

We’ve been talking an awful lot lately about how busy the Reno business environment is lately.  Construction on the Tesla Gigafactory is underway.  Several other new high tech companies have either committed to coming to our Reno community or are already doing business here.  With new businesses comes the need for homes for workers.  That […]

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