Three R’s of Reno Home Fire Protection

The Reno Fire Dept highly recommends using the 3 R's of Home Fire Protection to stay safe during wildfire season: Remove, Reduce and Replace.We’re quickly coming into wildfire season here in Reno.  The hotter weather is drying out brush.  An errant toss of a cigarette butt, a campfire that gets out of hand or the hot sun beating down on an abandoned glass bottle can sometimes be all it takes to turn hundreds of acres of land into a blazing inferno.  The Reno Fire Department wants residents to know that there are evasive actions you can take right now that will drastically reduce the chances of a wildfire knocking on your door.  You’ve heard of “the three ‘R’s'” in school, right?  Now it’s time to learn about the three ‘R’s’ of Reno home fire protection: Removal, Reduction and Replacement.

Search the MLS for Reno homes for saleRemoval – Get rid of any dead or dried-out vegetation on your Reno property no matter what size or where your lot happens to be.

Reduction – Prune your shrubbery and trees.  Dense landscaping is like providing a gas line for an open flame.  Leave space in between plants and trees to avoid this.

Replacement – You can still have a beautifully landscaped Reno home while lessening the potential for a fire hazard.  Taller plants are more likely to catch embers from a nearby fire and wooded plants dry out faster than flowering shrubs, creating a better fuel source for wildfires.  Instead, opt for smaller, non-wooded plants.

Your Reno home’s defensible space (where you have modified any vegetation in an effort to reduce the exterior threat of fire to your home) is dependent upon the size of your property, its location in relation to other homes in the area as well as potential wildfire threat and the topography of the area.  Not only does a defensible space increase the likelihood of protecting your property from a devastating wildfire, but it also provides a line of defense for firefighters in case of an emergency.  The fire department strongly encourages all Reno residents to remember the three R’s of home fire protection: Removal, Reduction, Replacement.  Make sure you implement these rules right away.  You never know when you may have to face a roaring wildfire near your property.

Charlene Hamilton, Certified Distressed Property Expert, Helping Reno Homeowners Avoid Foreclosure

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